Friday, 31 August 2007

Complimentary Gentleman

It's been rather a while since I was last approached by an intoxicated middle-aged man. I was beginning to think they had all started hounding someone else, but no! Whilst walking through town a very unstable gentleman swaggered over and placed himself right in front of me. I wasn't entirely sure what to do, so smiled and said hi. His response?

"You have nice hair" - and then he carried on walking.

Always nice to meet a man who can give a reasonable compliment!

A Slight Blip

I'm now back on the Endoscopy Unit, and it's been a fantastic week. Perhaps it's because the assignments are now done and so I can concentrate on the job in hand.

I received some results last week from two assignments. Unfortunately, I failed my Literature Review so I am no longer on the BSc pathway. I'm gutted and was quite upset at first. A few months ago I spoke to the BSc course leader as I wanted to leave the pathway and stick with the advanced diploma. Her response was "so you want to be just a diploma nurse?" - nice. When I read my result it felt like my entire nursing career had collapsed in a heap - how was I ever going to get into government without a nursing degree? Surely I'd have to remain a D grade forever...

Fortunately I've now managed to snap myself out of my little pity-party thanks to the Lead Nurse in Endoscopy. I chatted it through with her, and she was so encouraging. The only difference between the degree and diploma course is one module in research. And I hate doing research! Completing that module doesn't make me any more employable. It just means I can write a research project.

I have to say, having thought about it I'm quite relieved. A year-long research project on tap water v sterile saline doesn't fill me with excitement! Plus, I can really work hard on my placements and portfolio now.

Isn't it amazing that no matter what grades, qualifications and skills we have, God can use us anyway? If God wants me in or around government, it'll happen, not because I've got a degree in nursing but because that's where God's placed me. What a relief! Hurrah for Jeremiah 29:11-12.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Checking In

Well, it's certainly been a while since I've posted anything here. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, life has been rather hectic what with completing assignments and moving house. And secondly, I've had no access to the internet as the BT man still hasn't come over to set the phone line up in my new flat. But things are looking up. My work is done, and the BT man is due to visit at the end of this week between 8am-1pm (we'll see...).

I am now enjoying two weeks of annual leave, baking breakfast muffins, getting my groove on at the gym and catching up with old friends.

Once I return after annual leave, I shall have two weeks left on Endoscopy, and then it's a four week placement in the Genitourinary Medicine Clinic. Lots of inflamed skin, discharge and nervous teenagers. Lovely. I'm not sure which is worse - having a tube inserted into the anus, or having a double gloved finger poked around that region. More interesting stories to follow shortly...