Thursday, 14 February 2008

Coughing up Biro

Tomorrow is loombing large and I'm not feeling jolly: it's the dreaded Objective Structured Clinical Examination...

The aim? To assess a "patient" in ten minutes to determine whether the problem is respiratory, cardiovascular or neurological and to explain/discuss any relevant nursing interventions. Not all bad, and actually quite an enjoyable challenge, but for some reason that stop-watch turns me into a quivering wreck. In contrast to that, I know I'll have to refrain from laughing should I get a patient with hypoglycemia (acting in a drunk, aggitated manner) or a patient with a PE (supposedly coughing up blood, but the prop tissue is actually covered with red biro).

That said, it will certainly be interesting to see the efforts people have made to look smart. Ironed uniforms, polished shoes and neat hair will be a thing of the past a few weeks into our next placement. I'd better find my ironing board... ;)


Nursing Student said...

Good luck with the exam. It is usually a rough appearance guide to determine the student Nurses year of study by looking at their appearance.
1st years: Smart, Keen, well kept uniform. Adonred with fob watch, pens, overly keen attitude and a load of fancy gadgets
2nd years: Uniform in OK state. Retain the keenness, a few of the gadgets and the fob watch.
3rd years: Uniform starting to show its age, fob watch and a pen all that remains. Beginnings of the lumbering "put-upon" expression. Equipment dumped in pockets to achieve 2 effects 1-Look keen 2- save time having to look for obscure equipment when you really need it. A disposable tourequet (?sp), pen torch, BNF, Stethoscope and sphyg kept in bag used for work. You think I'm keen, I think I'm lazy.

I, having lived with my parents (of whom have 54 years combined expriance of the ambulance service), crashed more or less into stage 3 from the beginning.

As an aside for the exam. Suggesting patient has Halitosis really pissess off whoever your examining when it turns out thats real.

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